Welcome to Adventures in Genealogy.

This website tracks my discoveries and missteps as I try to shed some light on my ancestors.

Here I cover branches of the following St. Louis-based clans:

  • The Kurlandskis: my father's father's side
  • The Nawrockis: my father's mother's side
  • The AuBuchons: my mother's father's side

I'll also touch upon the following families:

  • The Knoppes and the Sanders: related to the AuBuchons
  • The Kanias: related to the Nawrockis
  • The Wroblewskis: related to the Kurlandskis

Start by clicking on one of the family names in the banner above.

This is a work in progress. I'm eager to learn of any corrections or additional information you might have. Feel free to reach out to me via our common relatives, or directly at: